Electric painting brush by Indian student to make your job easier

Electric painting brush by Indian student

Decorating your home is always an exciting job but this too becomes tiring when it comes to wall painting. Painters make their best efforts to give fine finish on walls and also by not wasting paint during the process. But painting walls do not prevent paint from getting wasted as we can see that lots of paint gets wasted while painters reach on walls with paint brush after dipping in paint bucket. How about using an electric paint brush to get the purpose solved? This will save time and will also prevent wastage of paint.

Jahangir, a 19 year old student from Jammu and Kashmir, India has developed an electric painting brush that makes the job completely different. Comprising an hp motor operated pump to suck up paint from bucket and passing it through flexible tubes to a brush that spreads paint evenly on wall. Also one can control inflow and outflow of paint with actuating lever which is on user’s belt that can be worn during the process. This unique innovation does have potential to come up as a commercial product in the near future.

Electric painting brush by Indian student

Via: Damngeeky

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